Branded greaseproof with your own logo

Print your logo on your own personalised branded greaseproof paper, this is a great way to promote your business and help with awareness of who you are. Many of our clients have already ordered these from us, and have come back with very positive feedback. These greaseproof papers have helped them gain visibility with existing and prospective customers. They offer an attractive and versatile way to wrap food such as sandwiches, deserts, cheese, baked goods, and cold meats. Additionally, these sheets can be used to line trays, providing a grease free method for transporting and handling oily foods. All of our greaseproof paper is printable and recyclable.

Suggested use

  • Lining Trays.
  • Great to print upon to advertise your company.
  • Wrap food.


Helps with wrapping food and also lining boxes and trays, great quality protects from any grease spilling and any stains. They are great for branding and promotional purposes. Please do contact us for more information and to get these papers now.