burger boxes

Burger boxes

These boxes are of great strong quality and can be used for different types of takeaway foods like burgers, chips, chicken and other types of grilled foods. Best thing about them is that they are microwaveable and lined from the inside so they are grease resistant!
These boxes are perfect for your food retail businesses as they can be branded with your logo, so you can promote your business and people know where to go for delicious burgers, chips, chicken etc. They can be bespoke to your liking and come in a variety of sizes.

Suggested use

  • Custom packaging designed for your burgers.
  • Serve burgers in branded boxes, ideal for takeaways.
  • Clamshell design keeps food hot and lets customers eat on the go.


This packaging comes with many benefits, it is perfect for helping the visibility and awareness of your product. They are great for holding hot food, for example burgers and grilled food, and they are made of strong quality material so no worries about spillage or food falling out.
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