noodle boxes

Branded 26oz & 32oz rounded noodle Boxes

Get yourself a perfect personal branded noodle box, which is perfect for promoting your business and gaining more customers. You can get them in a range of sizes of your choosing and brand them with your own business logo. They are able to handle hot temperatures and can hold in food so there is no spillage.
Many of our clients are already purchasing these from us and have gained more interest since. We have had very positive feedback on this product and how it has helped increasing the visibility and awareness of their brand.

Suggested use

  • Perfect for noodle or rice dishes.
  • Packaging that matches the look and feel of your Oriental cuisine.
  • Brand your noodle boxes so everyone knows where to go for delicious Asian food.


Great quality of product, can handle hot temperatures and avoid spillage. Perfect for helping visibility and branding of your businesses. Please contact us for more information.