These deli trays can be used for a range of food businesses like deli bars, meal prep businesses, local bakeries and takeaways. they are great for hot food as they keep the food inside very warm with the tightly sealed lid supplied. They are fully microwavable and also recyclable, perfect for your business and you can get them be spoked and branded to meet your needs. They are available in any size of your liking, and you can put your business logo on them to help promote and raise awareness of who you are.

Suggested use

  • Single portions or a combination of traditional fish and chips shop foods.
  • Jacket potatoes, burger and chips, pizza and many other hot food items.
  • Also suitable for cold food.


These trays are great for serving a quick snack or a serving of delicious fish and chips. They are also suitable for a variety of other food markets and are a great way to enhance your brand. Please contact us for more information and to get your trays now.